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 Maeda Yuki

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PostSubject: Maeda Yuki   Mon Jan 21, 2008 3:52 pm


* Name: Maeda Yuki (前田有紀)
* Nicknames: Yukidon
* Birth date: August 28, 1979
* Birthplace: Kochi Prefecture, Japan
* Blood Type: A
* Hobbies: Watching movies, taking pictures, listening to favorite CDs
* Favorite colors: Light blue, black, red
* Favorite flowers: Roses, baby's breaths
* Favorite season: Summer
* Favorite words: Effort, sympathy
* Favorite food: Chicken, fruits
* Disliked food: Salmon roe
* Shuffle units:
o 2000: Akagumi 4 (Second Generation)
o 2003: SALT5
o 2004: H.P. All Stars


* She is known for having a shy nature and often appears timid in front of cameras.

* She is in no way related to the former Whiteberry vocalist of the same name.

* Yuki Maeda joined Hello! Project thanks to Iida Kaori. [1]

During the show "Idol o Sagase", Iida had said that her dream was to be a manager. For the show she became the manager of Itsuki Hiroshi, and she was able to make it a success. Following this management it was suggested she would be the manager of Maeda Yuki. To make Maeda a TV regular, Iida Kaori made her go on "Hello! Morning" a lot, and from April 2000, she became a new member of Hello! Project.


# Title Release date First week sales Total sales
1 鳴きうさぎ (Naki Usagi) 2000.04.12 Didn't chart
2 東京 You ターン (Tokyo You Turn) 2001.01.01 Didn't chart
3 東京, 宵町草。 (Tokyo Yoimachigusa.) 2002.02.21 Didn't chart
4 東京きりぎりす (Tokyo Kirigirisu) 2003.07.16 905 1,661
5 さらさらの川 (Sarasara no Kawa) 2004.01.01 1,013 2,185
6 西新宿で逢ったひと (Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito) 2004.09.29 1,470 3,030
7 お前の涙を俺にくれ (Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure) 2006.07.26 500 500
8 相愛太鼓 (Ai Ai Daiko) 2007.09.26 760 760

Other Albums / Compilation Albums

* Itsuki Hiroshi Duet Special Selection 14
* Saishin Enka! Hayari Uta Best 16
* Nagoya Misonoza Koen Live 2002 "Uta Mai Sou"
* Enka kyouen! Saishin Hayari-uta
* Pucchi Best series

Other songs

* 契り (Chigiri)
* もう一度逢いたい (Mou Ichido Aitai)
* よさこい節 (Yosakoi Setsu)


* Hello! Project Douyou Eizou shuu Ponkikies21
* Atarashii Douyou
* Itsuki Hiroshi 55sei Happy Birthday Concert in Yokohama Arena
* Gekidan Senior Graffiti Yokosuka Story
* Showa Kayou Teater Shyuuchakueki
* Gekidan Senior Graffiti Showa Kayo Theater - Far Away
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Maeda Yuki
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