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 Yaguchi Mari

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PostSubject: Yaguchi Mari   Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:04 pm


* Name: Yaguchi Mari (矢口真里)
* Nickname: Marippe, Yagu-chan, Yaguttsuan, Yaguchi-san
* Birth date: 1983-01-20
* Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
* Blood type: A
* Height: 145 cm (4 ft. 9 in.)
* Weight: 39 kg (86 lbs)
* Feet size: 22.5 cm
* Favorite color: White (as of 9th August 2007)
* Disliked color: Purple
* Favorite song: "When You Wish Upon a Star" - Pinocchio
* Favorite Morning Musume song: I WISH
* Favorite flower: Sunflowers
* Favorite food: Yakiniku, Bibimbap, cheese, rice, ice
* Favorite sport: Table tennis, Badminton
* Disliked food: Milk, liver, avocado, green peas
* Favorite words: Happy, pure, "Full power!"
* Favorite season: Winter
* Hobbies: Playing video games, cooking (just a little), collecting platform shoes
* Specialties: Making her mouth into the shape of a heart, fitting inside a boston bag
* Impersonations: Hamasaki Ayumi, Onitsuka Chihiro
* Hello! Project Groups:
o Morning Musume (1998-2005)
o ZYX (2003)
o ROMANS (2003)
* Subgroups
o Tanpopo (1998-2002)
o Minimoni (2000-2003)
o Morning Musume Sakura Gumi (2003-2004)
o Hello! Project Akagumi (2005)
* Shuffle Groups:
o 2000: Aoiro 7
o 2001: 7nin Matsuri
o 2002: Sexy 8
o 2003: 11WATER
o 2004: H.P. All Stars


Yaguchi was well-known for her "Sexy Beam!" line from Koi no Dance Site, as well as for being the smallest member of Morning Musume at only 145 cm (4 ft. 9 in.) and 39 kg (86 lbs.). She quickly became a fan favorite thanks to her exuberant and irreverent personality.

Yaguchi became the subleader of Morning Musume in May 2003 after the graduation of Yasuda Kei, and then she became the leader in January 2005 after the graduation of Iida Kaori.

In April 2005, Yaguchi suddenly quit Morning Musume after it was reported by tabloid magazine FRIDAY that she was in a relationship with actor Oguri Shun. She said she had "betrayed [her] position as an idol" and that she "want[ed] to move on with [her] career as an adult." Yaguchi and Oguri have reportedly broken up since April 2006.

Yaguchi has not released any new music recordings since leaving Morning Musume, although she continues to appear on television and at live events on behalf of Hello! Project. She also co-hosts two weekly TV shows of her own (Yaguchi Hitori and Kanrui! Jikuu Times), has starred in two dramas, and frequently guest stars on other variety shows.

This new focus on television prompted Yaguchi, during an interview with actor Hugh Jackman, to jokingly describe herself as a "variety idol". [1] Although she later regretted the joke Ś because she has tried to distance herself from her idol image Ś the nickname has stuck amongst her fans. At the start of 2007, she has started to sing during Hello! Project concerts again.

On 2007 Summer, Yaguchi was casted to host a new Gyao TV show, "Midtown TV", becoming her third tv-show on air. "Midtown TV" airs all weekdays and Yaguchi hosts it on Thursdays. Also, Mari and seven H!P Eggs are scheduled to appear live and with audience on "Ciao TV", a Kids Station show, on 09/02, 19h~19.30h, on what appears to be yet a new TV show for her, that'd make four Mari Yaguchi TV shows being aired simultaneously. [2]


* Sources from 矢口真里
o All Night Nippon's youngest and shortest radio personality.
o Yaguchi Mari's allnightnippon SUPER!'s achieved 100% middle-school male students listener rating
o Love Hello! Yaguchi Mari DVD was the best-selling Idol DVD in Japan


* [1998] モーニング刑事 (Morning Cop)
* [2000] ピンチランナー (Pinch Runner)
* [2002] ナマタマゴ (Nama Tamago)
* [2003] 子犬ダンの物語 (Koinu Dan no Monogatari)
* [2006] ONE PIECE エピソードオブアラバスタ 砂漠の王女と海賊たち (One Piece The Movie: Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates) (voice acting)

TV Doramas

* [2003] こちら本池上署 (Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho) (One episode guest appearance only)
* [2006] 銭湯の娘!? (Sentou no Musume!?)
* [2006] ギャルサー (Gal Circle)

TV Shows

* [2004] やぐちひとり(C) (Yaguchi Hitori Maru C)Official website
* [2006] 感涙!時空タイムス (Kanrui! Jikuu Times)Official website (discontinued)
* [2007] MIDTOWN TV Official website
* [2007] Chao.TV Official website


Yaguchi Love Hello! Mari Yaguchi Pocket Morning Musume. (Volume 2) OFF

* [2002.02.07] ヤグチ (Yaguchi)
* [2003.06.??] ラブハロ!矢口真里 (Love Hello! Mari Yaguchi)
* [2003.09.??] ポケットモーニング娘。〈Vol.2〉 (Pocket Morning Musume. (Volume 2)) (With Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki, Iida Kaori)
* [2004.06.12] OFF

Essay Books

Oira - MARI YAGUCHI FIRST ESSAY Chicchai Yaguchi no Dekkai Anata ni Ai ni Iku no da!!

* [2007.06.25] ちっちゃい矢口真里のでっかいあなたに会いに行くのだ!! (Chicchai Yaguchi no Dekkai Anata ni Ai ni Iku no da!!)
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Yaguchi Mari
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