...for friendships made through the various japanese artists...
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 Haro Minna-san!^^

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PostSubject: Haro Minna-san!^^   Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:28 pm


Real Name: Dominique I. Sayson
Nickname: Nikki,Doms,Domz,Domi,Nikki,Nikz,Niks,Nique,Inique,Domzki[a name given by: Novzki],Nikki-chan,Dom-chan,Domz-chan,Doms-chan,Mod,Modz,Modz-chan,Mods-chan[I don't care if you called me that way]
Date of Birth: August 17,1993
Age: 15
Place of Birth: Philippines
Birthplace: Quezon City
Birthtime: Exactly 1:10 am
Currently in: Las Piñas City
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Filipino w/ half chinese,american,& spanish descent
Religion: Born-again Christianity
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Surfing the net,Watching t.v. & movies,chatting,blogging, & blog hoppin’
Status: Single

Family and Education

Family Members: Parents, 3 Brothers,& 1 Younger Sister
School: Las Piñas National High School: Gatchalian Annex
Year: Second Year Highschool Student
How do I relieve stress: Surfing the net, & Chattin’ w/ my friends

Watashi wa Dominique Sayson to moshimasu,Nikki to yonde kudasai.Moshi watashi no Nihon no manaa ga yokunakattara yurushite kudasai.I'm a filipina but I'm japanese in heart!Born on Heisei Year 5.

Favorite Japanese Artists: Haruma Miura,Jun Matsumoto,Yuto Nakajima,Sho Sakurai,Aiba Masaki,Yuya Tegoshi, & etc.

FAvorite Korean Artists: Shin Dong-Wook,Yoo Seug-Ho,Taemin,Hyun-Bin,& Won-Bin
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Haro Minna-san!^^
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