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 Junjun Profile

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PostSubject: Junjun Profile   Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:20 pm


* Stage name: Junjun
* Real name: Li Chun
* Birthdate: 1988-02-11
* Birthplace: Hunan Province, China
* Height: 168cm
* Instruments: 2 years of piano
* Hobbies/skills: Singing, acting, dancing
* Favorite food: Anything spicy, especially curry
* Foreign languages: English (Beginner level)
* Favorite artists: Wayne Lin Jun Jie, Cyndi Wang
* Hello! Project groups:
o Morning Musume (2007)


In 2006, Junjun participated in the Super Girl Contest, making it into the top 50 of the Changsha region, but did not win. She and the losing other contestants were contacted by Tsunku to participate in the Morning Musume auditions being held in Beijing, China. On 15 March 2007 Junjun and Linlin were announced as new members of Morning Musume's eighth generation.

* At 19 years old, Junjun is noted as being the oldest girl to enter Morning Musume since Yasuda Kei, who was 18 years old at the time.
* Has been playing piano for two years.
* When she joined, her Japanese was extremely limited, but since then it has improved.
* Often sends long emails to Michishige Sayumi.
* As shown on Haromoni@, Junjun loves bananas and is willing to eat them at all cost.
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Junjun Profile
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